The first thing you should check is if the assets you’re dealing with are incredibly detailed vector graphics. We have seen situations where some SVGs weigh in at 1+ MB, which is a bit much for our current infrastructure to handle. 

You should be able to verify if this might be the issue quickly by inspecting the file size of your slices (there’s a “Show in Finder” three dot context menu item next to your Sketch file in the Library on the right). For a file called Name.sketch, look inside Name.sketch.contents. Typically this will be a couple of KB at most.

If you have very heavy assets, we recommend rasterizing them… But first, it would be good to understand why they’re so big in the first place:

  • We pull out image assets, so that shouldn’t be what it is.
  • Did you create this with a graphics tablet or similar? Some drawing tools emit everything as a custom <path />
  • Which design tool did you use to create your illustration? For example, Illustrator does tend to undersimplify its vector drawings. 
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