Forking a Public project

Public projects on can be forked by:

  • Clicking the [Fork] button under any project in the Showcase.

  • Clicking the [Fork] button in the project's detail.

  • Right clicking a project and selecting [Fork].

Forks are a unique copy of a project, which can be freely experimented on without affecting the original projects. Forks can be a fun and interesting way to build upon other people's work, using their project as a starting point for your own idea.

Support for this feature was implemented in Animator (previously Haiku for Mac) v3.1.19, released mid March 2018. If you created your account before this, you may need to run the app once from your Applications folder before forking a project on

Forking a Private project

The ability to fork private projects is under development, and should be shipped soon, though we don't have an exact date.

A workaround for forking private projects using Git that you could try is:

Clone projects into your user's project directory, remove the .git directory, and create a project with the same name. 

The remote URL in your projects on disk contains your GitLab credentials, so you can get the correct secure clone URL. 

It requires some command line comfort.

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