You can't create masks inside Animator at this point, but here are a couple workarounds:

Workaround 1

You can simulate a mask by creating a full-stage layer that's the same color as your expected (host codebase, embedding) background, but with a hole punched out. You can then animate elements underneath, executing a mask.   

This doesn't work for every scenario, but sometimes it's good enough. 

Here are an example you can fork and play with

Workaround 2

You can create your mask in Sketch and mark the group that contains the mask as exportable, and it should reflect correctly in Animator.

Important note:

Like we expressed in this article, Animator does not support masking. There are a couple workarounds we've found, that are tied directly to the design tool used (in this case Sketch) and how they manage and export their assets, which are later consumed by Animator.

If Figma, or other supported design tools, don't behave the same way, that's not something we have control over.

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