The first step to bringing your Illustrator design to life is to import it. To do so, simply click on the [+] button at the top of the library panel. 

You can also create a brand new file by clicking the [Illustrator] button under "Library".

Behind the scenes, we convert all your Illustrator design's artboards into individual assets that may be independently ungrouped and animated on stage.

To get an asset on stage, just drag and drop it!


This one's self-explanatory: to get an item from the Library to the Stage, simply drag and drop. The new element will show up on the stage where you drop it, and a new row will show up in the Timeline representing the new element.


What if you need to make a change to the Illustrator file? That's fine! We'll take care of bringing your new changes into Animator and onto any assets you've placed on the stage.

When you import an Illustrator file, we automatically make a copy of that file and start tracking changes behind the scenes with Git. What this means is if you make changes to your original file, they won't show up by default in Animator.

To make changes to your Illustrator-linked assets, double-click the Illustrator file in the library. Illustrator will launch, and when you Save in Illustrator, changes will automatically be tracked in Animator. Even elements already on the stage remain linked and can be updated directly from Illustrator.


If you're having trouble getting your Illustrator assets into Animator, check the following:

  • Ensure that is installed in your /Applications folder.

  • Ensure that Illustrator is also installed in your /Applications folder.

  • Ensure that you've placed your assets inside artboards.

  • Ensure that you've saved your Illustrator file after creating your design assets and placing them inside artboards.

  • Remember you can have different assets within the same artboard, and ungroup them once in Animator.

  • If you imported a pre-existing Illustrator file, note that Animator makes a copy of the Illustrator file that you import.  If you make changes to the original file, Animator will not automatically copy those changes over to the new file.  As a result, after importing a file, we recommend closing the original Illustrator file and opening the copy through Animator by double-clicking it in the Library.

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