You can align the slices/elements you bring from Sketch / Figma / Illustrator / SVG in three ways:


Now, you can export more complex groups from your design tool, and ungroup them in Animator to individually animate the different slices that compose the group, while maintaining their original position.

To do this, you need to drag and drop your group from the library to the stage, right-click on the group, and select the option "Ungroup" from the contextual menu (or Cmd+Shift+G).


Whenever you move an element or slice, by clicking and dragging it on stage, you will see the snapping guides, which will help you align your slices.

Tip: If you hold cmd the snapping guides will not show.


You can access the "Align" panel by clicking its button, located at the top bar. You will find different alignment options, including one to align your slices to the stage.

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