Change my username

Unfortunately, we do not support changing usernames.  The complexities span into our backend, where usernames act as primary identifiers across several systems, including the custom git & npm infrastructure that back each project.

The cleanest course of action I can recommend for this hand-off is the following:

  1. for each project you want to carry over to the new account, temporarily mark it PUBLIC. If you want to fork your Private projects, without editing their privacy settings, please check this article.

  2. create a new account with the desired username

  3. from the new account, visit each published (public) project from the old account, and fork it to the new account

  4. log back into the original account, and mark projects private again [Note that while public, projects could theoretically be forked by other users.  This is unlikely but not impossible.] 

Assuming you want the new account to be Pro and the old one not to be, we can also assist with transferring the billing.  The easiest way would be to issue a coupon code for the new account to cover the current term you've already paid for (month or year), apply that to the new account, then cancel the subscription for the old account.

Change my email address

If you want to change the email address associated with your Animator account, you need to go to and log in.

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