Yes! You can change the stage's background color or an asset's color in Animator by adding a property in the timeline and entering the:

  • Hex value. For example #EE4747 

  • RGBA value. For example rgba(238, 71, 71, 0.6)

To change the background color of the stage, you need to click on the [+] button below "Main" in the library, select the "Background color" option, and enter the color's value.

You can also change the color of an instantiated slice by adding the "fill" property.

Apart from background color and fill, there are a lot of other properties you can add to your elements. Explore all of the options!

Tip: Remember that the "Color" property works the same as in CSS. It's used to change the color of text.


Can I change the gradient fill on a shape along the timeline?

There is a way! We don’t provide a UI for doing this sort of thing (yet!), but you can use Code mode to create this effect on any type of parameterized gradient supported by SVG. Here’s an example you could fork and check out:

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