Yes! Shape morphing is a reality in Animator since version 4.0.0.

To trigger direct selection and expose the bézier handles on a shape you only need to double-click it.

In some cases, for example with an SVG rectangle, if you double-click on the <svg>  once, you will drill down to select the <rect> (the shape remains a <rect>). So, when you move the vertices, you will be sizing the <rect> directly. 

Double-clicking it again converts the <rect> to a <path>, and then you can move the vertices individually. 

Now, once you're editing the <path>, if you hold cmd  while you click on a vertex, the bézier handles will be exposed and you'll be able to edit the shape.

You can have even more control over the shape. If you hold alt  while moving the bézier control handles, you can achieve a "disconnected" (versus a "mirrored") behavior.

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