This might be a more complex question if you’re using subcomponents, but for the most basic cases, animations won’t loop unless you explicitly tell them to. 

Looping is automatically enabled on our share page and preview mode in Animator, but when you use your animation in a codebase, looping is a default-off option. 

Most of the code snippets we provide enable looping, but this is just to show you how to pass options and not required for your animation to work.

For example, for React codebases, we provide a snippet like <MyComponent loop={true} />. To disable looping, you can either explicitly set it to false, i.e. <MyComponent loop={false} />, or just not mention looping at all, i.e. <MyComponent />

If you REALLY want an animation not to loop, even in preview mode in Animator and on our share page, you can use a Frame Action on the final frame to explicitly pause.

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