A big part of Haiku Animator is the connection of workflows, i.e. the git storage and npm  syndication, and the command-line tool that gets your project seamlessly into a codebase.

Those are the services we offer, but if you prefer to handle that part on your own, you can. The design & code tool as it stands today is fully, freely usable without using our cloud storage.  

We do set up metadata for your projects (we set up the empty Git repos, and we keep the project name & the association with your account) on our servers whenever you create a project — but we don't gather your file/code content or design assets unless you publish.

To clarify:  the Publish button will always push your content to *our* infrastructure for easy sharing.  But Publish is not required to host your work.

If you're using the Web tech (React/Angular/Vue components) then Publishing is the easiest way to get them into a codebase, but you can also access your files directly on your own computer at ~/.haiku/projects.  Animator reads and writes these files in real-time, so no need to export — the contents of these folders is always up-to-the-moment and ready for your codebase.  You can do whatever you want to these files, e.g. copy over to a codebase, publish to your own private npm server, or upload to your own CDN.

We're really intent on being good stewards, and we're striving NOT to build a "walled garden," but instead a "beautiful garden,"  if that metaphor is clear.  This is why e.g. publishing to our infra is optional, and also why our renderer and file format are fully open source. We believe you should own your creative work!  And we see an opportunity to build a business around helping you out and "connecting the dots" between disjoint design + development workflows.

Note: To get the Lottie export or the GIF/Video generation, all you need to do is File > Export and you can do whatever you'd like with that .json file.

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