Use case

For example, you want to: 

  • View a component (e.g. Main), which contains subcomponent.

  • Without changing that view, add a "Hover" event  to the instance of the subcomponent.

  • On hover, trigger actions in the instance of the subcomponent.

How to

The best approach to this would be to pipe down custom events handled at the subcomponent level.

e.g. host component action:

this.send('>', 'someEvent');

The root node of the child component can listen on 'someEvent' and do whatever you want at that point.

You can also emit upwards with '<', sideways with '~', or everywhere with '*'

To do it: 

  • Click bolt beneath main component in timeline: 

  • Click Add a New Action, and scroll down to add a custom event.

  • Enter your custom event.

Note: These APIs are new/experimental.

Learn more

Read more in our Docs and watch this video tutorial.

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