If you want to use Lottie as your runtime, yes you can File > Export > Lottie and get a lottie.json.

If you want to keep interactions and a few other features that aren't supported by Lottie [1] — then the way Haiku Animator handles modularization is by using `npm` (or `yarn`).  This works best with Angular/React/Vue, and everything gets nicely bundled along with your existing codebase bundler.

If you're using vanilla HTML + JS, you need 1. the Animator Core runtime (https://www.github.com/HaikuTeam/core) and 2. the project file — these can't be boiled down to a single JSON file, because they both require code to be executed to run.

[1] https://docs.haikuforteams.com/embedding-and-using-haiku/lottie.html

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