First, try the following:

  • Ensure that you're logged into the same account in both your web browser and the desktop app

  • Try logging out and logging back in, both in your browser and in the desktop app

  • Ensure that Haiku Animator for Mac is installed in /Applications

  • Try forking using Chrome or Firefox instead of Safari or Edge

If the above don't help, it's likely that this issue is network-related.  Verify the following:

  • Are you on a corporate network that has a firewall or requires a proxy? If so, have you configured the proxy settings in the Haiku Animator desktop app?

  • Even if you tried with multiple public projects, to rule out the possibility of multiple projects misbehaving please verify if works for you.

  • Finally, are you able to create a new project from scratch and publish it from Haiku Animator?  Verifying this would help rule out of there's some other issue with installation or your workstation.

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