Can I export an SVG animation from Haiku?

Haiku does use SVG animations, but it doesn’t export/produce a vanilla.svg file.

Haiku uses SVG internally to render what you see in the browser.  SVG by itself is not enough to render the animations or interactions that you create in Haiku (we have to augment with HTML + JS + CSS) so "vanilla SVG" isn't a possibility.

We bundle some simple JavaScript to actually execute the animations, which can also handle more complex logic like responding to user input, or your application logic.

Why doesn't Haiku support this feature?

The driving mission of Haiku is for building interactive UIs; exporting to vanilla SVG would require removing all interactivity, which would be a step in the wrong direction per that mission.

What if I need to export a static SVG?

If you're looking for static vanilla (still) SVG, you should be able to export stills from your vector design tool.

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